What is Adventure Script? It is a language that allows creating adventure games using plain English words. Is it a programming language and does it require programming skills? Yes and no. It is a programming language, but carefully camouflaged – you do not need to have any programming skills to use it. Still, you will have to read the first chapter of the manual to get started (which tells a story about two very aggressive woman to make it more entertaining).

The Adventure Script Editor as well as the Adventure Script Player are online tools that allow you to create and play games inside your browser. The player has been designed to look good on any kind of device.

“OK, OK, but there are tools that do the same thing with help of block diagrams and they have nice intuitive graphical interfaces. Are you telling me that replacing all that with simple text will make thing easier? And better?”

Yes! You will see that with only few lines of text you will be able to write quite complex games that would normally take hours to draw in form of block diagrams. The only thing you need to overcome is learning the basics. Unfortunately that requires reading some text (the manual) instead of randomly clinking buttons (and then googling a tutorial anyway).

If you actually create something, feel free to share it by handing out a link to an online version of your game, or download your game as a offline application.



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How to add graphics to my game?

Welp, for now you can’t.

…and what about audio?

The same as above. The problem is that games with graphics and audio would be simply to big (as in bytes) to work with a fully online service. I have plans to make a desktop version of the editor, capable of packing games into dedicated mobile / desktop apps. First I want to see if this project gets any attention.

If I modify my game, will it brake already existing savegames?

Yes it will! And what’s even funnier the player won’t be even informed that he is using a no longer compatible savegame.

I don’t know how to do X / I think X doesn’t work / I think adding X would be awesome

Write it on Reddit or mail me.

Where’s the source code?

In a private git repo.

I have an idea how to change your work into a commercial success!

Mail me. MAIL ME NOW!